Social Media Mastery


Online programme with everything you need to do in order to become a pro in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and includes a group support call once a month.

The full Social Media Mastery online programme will be ideal if you are serious about using social media to grow your business.

The Social Media Mastery programme will cover Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook:

  • Group support calls every three weeks
  • How to grow a targeted following (for free)
  • How to increase your engagement,
  • How to convert your activity to customers/clients, plus much more
  • Creating your ‘Daily Plan’


Welcome to the Social Media Mastery Programme!

It’s great to have you on board, just a few notes around getting the most from the programme!

  • In order that the modules are as future proof as possible they will be gradually added to the programme.
  • Module one will be live on 31st January 2017
  • The first Q&A call is scheduled for 9am on Friday 10th February 2017 and will be recorded so don’t worry if you can’t make it. On that date, we will set the date for the second call but they will always be on a Friday at 9am.
  • Please submit your questions for the call by no later than 48 hours before the call
  • You will be sent a tracking form so that you can monitor your social media progress, please submit this 48 hours before your call
  • Each member of the programme will have a fifteen-minute slot to discuss their progress and challenges
  • Module 2 will be live by no later than 17th February 2017
  • Module 3 will be live by no later than 2nd March 2017
  • Module 4 will be live by no later than 16th March 2017