Social Media Strategy

Without a social media plan in place, you will waste time and resources

What would you like to achieve when it comes to your social media activities? We offer a tailored 2- hour strategy session to help our clients achieve social media success. If you are looking to generate warm leads and convert Likes, Followers and Friends into paying customers, you will need a robust strategy. Why not learn how to make the most out of your social media activity?

Every session is bespoke and typically covers:


  • Key business objectives – we look at your overall aims for your business, as well as your social media objectives to help you achieve results.
  • Target customers – once we understand the audience you wish to target, this will help us choose the right social media platforms for your business.
  • Content ideas and themes – if you want to engage with your audience, you need to create relevant posts that attract the right response.
  • Centres of influence – discover those who may not do what you do, but have the same customers, so you can learn how to engage.
  • Standing out from your competitors – we will review your competitors and compare your activities to create a suitable strategy for your business.
  • Current marketing – we will look at your other marketing activities to help align your overall approach with your social media strategy.
  • Test and measure – you will learn how to measure results and refine your social media marketing to achieve successful responses.
  • 3 – 6 month plan – together, we will create a robust social media plan to help you set both short and long-term objectives.

Creating a sound social media strategy will allow you to realise your full potential across various platforms. Once you have discovered the right social media channels for your business, you will be able to harness the power of social media and achieve tangible results. Let the strategising begin…

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