Are you ‘social media ready’ this summer?

Remember last time when we talked about how social media management can be a bit like going to the gym? This month, we’re carrying on the theme as the warmer weather (hopefully) approaches and our thoughts turn to getting ourselves in shape to hit the beach. But, whilst we’re plugging away at the gym and diligently – or reluctantly – toning up our bods, what will happen to our social media accounts when we jet off to foreign climes?

Unfortunately, all too often, the answer is: nothing! In all the excitement of going on holiday and getting away from the daily grind, our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages are all but forgotten. And, just as an untoned body will grow slack and unfit, a neglected social media account will pile on the metaphorical pounds in no time, becoming sluggish and inactive, and undoing all the hard work you put in during the first half of the year.

The key to avoiding this scenario is, of course, planning in advance. You won’t get that fabulous beach body overnight and you won’t create an amazing summer social media presence in a flash, either. So, before you even start to think about packing your bags, set things in motion and put your plans for the summer in place right now!

If you’re struggling for inspiration, why not join one of my Social Media Mastermind groups? These are small groups of 6 business owners who meet up online once a month to share ideas and support each other. They’re designed for people who don’t need to go on a social media training course, but would benefit from regular group discussions about how to get the best from their online activities – including planning ahead for breaks from the business.

My Mastermind groups are a new concept and I am getting a lot of interest from early adopters and I am getting lots of interest before they even launch why not drop me a line to find out more?

Of course, you might decide you need a complete break from running your business over the summer, including getting away from social media. If that’s how you feel, then there’s no need for your online presence to take a nosedive as a result! My experienced team are here to take care of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and help you keep building that all-important online engagement with your followers whilst you’re away.


We can help by:

  • Posting high quality content that reflects your unique business and its perspective
  • Making sure you have a consistent social media presence that keeps your company in your followers’ minds without saturating them with content overload
  • Providing varied, interesting and relevant information that helps you attract new followers, develop existing relationships and increase your online impact
  • Driving enquiries and leads to your website that ultimately convert prospects into paying customers
  • Responding promptly to questions and enquiries, helping in turn to maintain and improve your customer satisfaction levels.


Wouldn’t it be great to return from your summer holiday feeling relaxed and refreshed, only to find that your social media accounts are in better shape than ever? And our service doesn’t stop there! My team can offer ongoing social media management for as long as you need it, or provide training to help you take the reins back successfully yourself.

You can choose from online or face to face support and we’ll tailor our training and advice to suit your individual business needs and aspirations. And if you’re 100% serious about getting the most out of social media for your business, why not enrol on one of our popular Social Media Mastery programmes?


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