Consistency in your marketing – How do you achieve it?

Brand consistency is a phrase that is bandied about regularly; and it is a very important aspect of marketing; if you don’t have a uniform look and feel to your brand, it is never going to be strong. But there is more to consistency than just your brand – you need to take it through the whole of your marketing efforts. So how do we ensure that we keep our message out there in any kind of committed and regular way, to maximise business growth?

Digital marketing is definitely your friend when it comes to consistency and business development. From blogging to tweeting, posting on Facebook to publishing on LinkedIn, and digital newsletters to email campaigns, there are tricks and tools abounding to help make life easier. You need to be realistic in your aims, but persistent in your output to be successful in marketing and business planning:

  • Love writing? Set aside an hour every couple of weeks to blog – as well as putting it on your website, post it on LinkedIn, and have links to it from your social media posts; manifold benefits!
  • More of a short and snappy writer? Get yourself set up with one of the free tools that make it easy to schedule regular posts, and spend half an hour a week setting up the framework for your social media output.
  • Struggling to think of content? Set up some targeted Google Alerts – these will keep you up-to-date with the big stories in your industry, and you can use them as a subject for a blog, social media post or newsletter.
  • Not into writing? Ask other staff members to write a paragraph each for a blog or newsletter – but remember even just once a month, every month is better than 4 in the first month, and then nothing for 6 months…

We all know that ideals and reality are very different; if you struggle to be consistent, let Cureton Consulting provide the ultimate in marketing output on your behalf – reap the rewards of a coherent, harmonious marketing message provided by the experts.

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