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If you read our last blog article, you’ll know that we ran a free 5 day mini-course in March 2018 to give people an insight into the difference a good social media strategy can make to their business. The course was so successful that we’re planning a second one, to take place from Monday 14th May. In this article, we’d like to tell you a little more about the mini-course – why we’re doing it, why you should sign up and what you can expect to learn.


Why are we running the course?

You might wonder why we’re giving away our skills and knowledge for free! Well, as you may know, we already offer free hints and tips through our social media accounts on a regular basis, which we know people love. We wanted to build on these and offer even more (it’s such a great feeling to give something back!), so we created the mini-course.


On top of this, we recognise there are lots of smaller companies out there, especially start-ups, that simply don’t have the budget to invest in social media training or management services. By helping them get started, we can give them the tools they need to grow their businesses themselves. Naturally, we’ll keep in touch and build these relationships – so when the time comes, they can ask us for training or social media management if they like.


Why sign up?

Of course, some people will sign up to our mini-course just because they like getting something for free! These are the ones who probably won’t get much out of it as they’re unlikely to act on our advice.


But if you’re genuinely interested in creating a social media strategy that works, we promise you WILL see a difference if you follow the steps we suggest.


Like some examples? Here you go!

  • After the March course, one business owner contacted us to say that her Facebook reach has increased by a whopping 700%! That’s just through organic activity, not Facebook Ads or other paid-for marketing services.
  • A second client (a self-confessed ‘social phobe’) loved the training so much that she signed up to our Social Media Mastery programme before the free mini-course had even finished!


And that’s just two examples of the value people have found in taking the course.


What can you expect?

It’s a 2.5 hour course run over 5 days that gives you a taste of what you can achieve for your business by creating and implementing a robust social media strategy.


We found with the first course that many people really wanted to do this, but either didn’t know where to start, or were finding their good intentions falling by the wayside due to lack of discipline. The course is designed precisely with these audiences in mind!


We’ll start on Monday 14th May with a live 30 minute introduction via video conference. Over the next full days, we’ll deliver four 30 minute training modules – nice, bite-sized chunks that you’ll find easy to digest! – that will give you an overview of the steps you’ll need to follow to get the best results.


You’ll learn how to:

  1. Devise a social media strategy that suits your business
  2. Create content that ‘speaks the right language’
  3. Build your audience through engagement and interaction
  4. Use the correct tools to communicate effectively
  5. Convert your online followers into paying customers.


We’ll also invite you to join a closed Facebook group which is only open to course attendees. You can use this as much as you want to bounce ideas off each other, ask questions and share your experiences of using social media platforms in your business.


What happens next?

You’ll take away the basic skills and know-how you need to get your business social media off to a flying start. But if you’d like to learn more, you might be interested in our Twitter or LinkedIn training courses. Or, you could consider signing up to our Social Media Mastery programme, where you’ll gain some really in-depth knowledge.


It really is up to you!


Sign up to our May mini-course today!

To book a place, please call us on 01530 440 597 or email hello@curetonconsulting.co.uk.  Don’t delay as limited places are available and we’d hate you to miss out. If you’d like more information before you sign up, feel free to browse our website or send us your questions using our quick online contact form. Speak soon!

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