Do you bring the professionals into YOUR business?

When it comes to our online presence, we should all know what ‘good’ looks like. But how easy is it to step back from our own business and be objective about what needs to change? The answer is: not very! That’s why, when it dawned on me that my website and branding needed a revamp, I called in the professionals to help me get it right first time.

(Before I go into more detail, let me just mention that my new website will be coming soon – hopefully at the end of this month – and I’ll have some very special offers to celebrate the launch. Read on to the end of the blog to find out more!)

OK, let’s go back to the story. My current branding was created about 7 years ago and I worked on it with some very talented people. But at the time, I saw it as a standalone exercise that was mostly about getting a new logo. I didn’t give much thought to the fact that your web design will influence how people perceive your brand. Looking at my current site, I can now clearly see that my business has changed completely over the last 7 years and my old website is no longer a true reflection of who I am.

Back in the old days, I was keen to make my business look bigger than it really was. That’s no longer my goal. So, I decided that the new site should focus much more on me, who I work with and how I get the best for them, and my areas of expertise. But how could I achieve this? My first port of call was to get the design right, so I called in the amazing Stephen Goddard from Kuku Creative.

Stephen sat me down and talked me through what I want my brand to say about me and the impressions I want it to create about my business. Armed with this info, he went away and created some fantastic designs that met my brief to the letter. I fell in love with my new brand straight away – so that was stage one achieved already!

Next, I decided to get some help with branding strategy. Therefore, my next move was to arrange a meeting with the lovely Pam Holmes from Page + Looker who gave me some truly great advice. She came up with lots of innovative ideas that I’d never have thought of, such as matching the clothes I wear in the photo shoot for the new site with my corporate colours and even investing in a coffee mug displaying one of the pantones.

Thanks to Pam, I was able to brief in some very precise requirements to my photographer, Matt Glover. Matt understood immediately what I was aiming for, and we had a lot of fun setting up a whole range of shots that captured just what I was looking for. (I can’t wait to see them go live on the new website – you’ll see me as you’ve never seen me before!)

Last but not least, I brought in my trusted web designer to build the new site. Now, I’ve always said that making yourself easy to work with is one of the most important things you can do for your clients. And Laura Nicole Brown from Inspiratti is a shining example of just that. Her flexible approach has enabled me to have the website I want, when I want it. Thank you, Laura Nicole!

In fact, I can’t thank any of my four professionals enough for genuinely delivering the goods. I have absolutely no doubt that I couldn’t have done it without you. That’s why I’d encourage all business owners who find themselves in the position I was in to bring in the pros. You’ll get objective help and advice from people who are experts in their own fields, and benefit from innovative and creative ideas you might never have thought of yourself.

Back to those special offers I mentioned…
You might have gathered that I’m a tad excited about the new website going live…! However, I want YOU to be excited too, which is why I’ve created some very special offers for the first people who visit the site and sign up to a new mailing list. When you sign up, you’ll trigger a series of FREE emails giving you hints and tips on social media management, breaking news about forthcoming workshops and seminars, and exclusive access to early bird discounts.

Interested? Look out for my new website launching soon!
As you’d expect, I’ll announce the launch of my new website on social media as soon as it’s ready to go live. So, keep an eye on my accounts to make sure you’re one of the first to sign up to receive my series of very special offers.

If you’d like to know more in the meantime, please give me a call on 01530 440 597 or email

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