Easter opportunities for social media

A lot of businesses tend to wind down their marketing activities over Easter, either to spend time with the kids or simply take a well-earned break. However, you could be missing a big trick if you decide to take this route. Why, I hear you ask? The answer’s simple: there’ll be less activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al…so you’ll have a better chance of standing out from the crowd.


Why getting active over Easter is a good idea

Posting to and engaging with your social media followers when others are taking a rest can help your business in several different ways. These include:

  1. Your voice is more likely to be heard, so your posts will make more of an impact, especially if your competitors are taking some Easter time out. Bingo!
  2. People go on social media more when they’re not working. Whether they’re actually going on holiday or not, a little free time means a little more time to spend online.
  3. Time away from the day job means people can play catch-up. In other words, when the pace of business slows down, company owners are able to focus on other tasks. And that could well include looking for expert providers – just like you – to help them make the best use of their time when they’re back on the treadmill.
  4. You’ll retain consistency online. You might think going quiet on social media for a week or two won’t harm your business. But you’d be wrong! Building a successful online presence is all about regular, consistent activity, not to mention responding promptly to comments, questions and enquiries sent to your social media accounts.
  5. You stand a better chance of winning Twitter competitions. Remember when I won Small Business Sunday back in May 2017? I love competitions like this as they’re quick and easy to enter and give your business fantastic online exposure if you win. So give one or two a go over Easter (another one I like is Jacqueline Gold’s Women on Wednesday) and see how you get on. Fingers crossed!


Make your content memorable

Of course, going online and posting any old text won’t do your business any favours at all. So, do what you should be doing all the time: posting relevant, interesting content that will engage and resonate with your readers. A good approach is to keep things current by talking about the latest developments within your industry and how you’re rising to the challenges facing our economy at the moment.

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with talking about Easter itself. How do school and bank holidays affect your business? If you’re a parent of younger children, what do you do differently to successfully juggle your working life with childcare responsibilities? Whatever you choose to talk about, make it memorable and different to what other people are doing.

One trick that could help you do this is to choose images that are completely disconnected from the content of your posts but will still grab people’s attention. I hate to say it, but people just love pictures of cute, baby animals… And with the Easter Bunny about to put in an appearance, it’s the right time of year to get away with it – whatever the actual subject matter you’re writing about.

In short, it’s all about building Know, Like and Trust with your target audience. So rather than taking a break from social media over Easter, ramp your activity up instead. Write content that your prospects and clients want to read about, whilst entertaining them with the odd picture of a fluffy bunny. Short animal videos work really well, too. (Did you know some people actually make a living from filming and posting cat videos on YouTube?)


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