Experience vs Transaction – How have John Lewis stores got it so right?

Consistently ranked in the top 10 highest rated organisations by the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, what is it about John Lewis that is so well loved? It can be summed up in one phrase; customer service. When you walk into any one of their department stores, you are pretty much guaranteed a pleasant welcome, from helpful, knowledgeable staff. If you have a query or problem, they go the extra mile to help you solve it, even if that involves thinking beyond the standard responses and away from their core responsibilities.

You may wonder how you can possibly compete with such a well-known brand, but the answer here is equally simple; on any scale, the importance is squarely with the customer’s experience. If you or your sales team are still looking at sales as a simple transaction, think again. Over the past 5 years, the aspects of the sales process that have risen most in customer importance, according to the UKCSI, are friendliness, helpfulness and competence. Consumers are not looking to just buy a product or service, they want to be impressed and engaged by your knowledge, feel valued by you, and be guided through the process, and any issues, carefully and considerately. Smaller organisations can actually find it easier to give a personal, tailored sales experience – there is no disadvantage to being an SME.

And what is in it for you? A motivated sales team, repeat customers, and ultimately more sales. Move aside, John Lewis.

If you are struggling to differentiate your processes, Cureton Consulting will provide professional training and support for your sales team, to push you from basic transactions into the extremely beneficial realms of positive customer experiences.

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