How are you coping with the ‘L word’?

It’s the question everyone’s being constantly asked at the moment…but with very good reason! Lockdown is causing all kinds of stress and problems, not least to those business owners who’ve lost most or all their revenue overnight. But, as with all business challenges, getting through lockdown successfully can be done. And the key to getting it right is to embrace two words that, I admit, are very over-used right now: ‘pivot’ and ‘agility.’

In other words, are you exploring all the business and revenue opportunities that are available to you, regardless of whether they or not they reflect your core line of work? We all have skills that we don’t always use in our daily business lives, but we still have them nevertheless – and they still have value.

To give an example from my own work, I’m currently running a series of webinars for D2N2, not one of which covers a service you’ll find on my website. Back in the days before I pivoted (the first time!) to being a social media specialist, I gained a wealth of experience in the corporate world that I’m now putting to good use.

The over-riding theme of these webinars is ‘how to future-proof your business by communicating effectively’, with individual topics such as how to get your phone mojo back, how to set up and run successful online meetings, and how to write client emails that don’t end up in the Junk folder. I’m having a great time interacting with lots of new people online and I’m pleased to say that the webinars are being well-attended and I’m getting some great feedback.

So, what are you doing to help future-proof YOUR business? I think the biggest takeaway from any of my webinars is something very simple that encapsulates how I’ve always done business: Keep in Touch (KIT). Whether it’s a phone call, email or the dreaded Zoom call – other video conferencing platforms are available! – keeping in touch is the single biggest thing you can do right now to keep your business afloat. I’d recommend contacting your key clients at least every other week, even if they’re unable to trade until lockdown is over.

Keeping busy on the networking side is critical, too. It’s never been easier or cheaper to attend so many different groups, with no geographical constraints or travelling time, and often no meeting fees to boot. Even if you’re lucky enough to still be thriving during lockdown, it’s essential to keep that pipeline in place for when projects come to an end. And if you do have some time on your hands, why not do a little CPD – there are lots of free and low cost workshops and training courses out there, like the webinars I’m running for D2N2.

The stresses of lockdown mean it can be hard to work out what to do for the best for your business. If you’re not sure and need a little direction on the communication side of things, why not book a lockdown strategy call with me? It can be on any topic you like: social media, email writing, making phone calls, networking effectively on Zoom… The only ‘given’ is that we’ll be focusing on Keeping in Touch, however you choose to connect with your clients.

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