How well does social media work for YOUR business?

You won’t be surprised to hear that this is one of the first questions I always ask a new client! I hear a range of different answers, as you’d expect, but one of the recurring themes is definitely: ‘It doesn’t work well for my business at the moment, because I (or my team member who manages it) don’t have the knowledge and skills to get the best results.

Now, given the time of year, you should be starting to think about what your marketing activities have achieved for your business in 2019 and what you need to do differently in 2020 to improve your return on investment. And if your social media presence is letting you down, it’s time to make a change so you can start enjoying social media success next year.

So, what’s the plan going to be? You could outsource your social media management, of course. And whilst I’ll be happy to help – I love looking after social media accounts for my clients and take genuine pleasure in helping them get results – the fact is that the best place for social media to be managed is in-house. After all, you and your team are right there on the spot, with unique insights and knowledge into what makes your business tick.

Enter my in-house coaching programme: Social Media Mentor! Launched in spring 2019, it’s a six month course that’s specially designed to provide the support, training and accountability to help you deliver successful social media strategies for your business. In turn, these will facilitate the longevity and growth that will get you the results you want from your online activities.

We’ll cover all the key areas of social media management, from creating content that engages your target audience, to converting more of your social media followers into paying customers, right through to measuring and analysing your results so you can keep refining and improving your strategy. By the end of the programme, you or your team member will have the skills, expertise and confidence to become the social media ambassador for your business.

As well as reshaping your online presence, my Social Media Mentor programme will also benefit your business in other way. You’ll ultimately save money by developing the skills and knowledge you need in-house, meaning you won’t need to outsource your social media. Your mentoring sessions will be personalised to your individual needs, so we focus on the areas that matter most to you and where you need the most support. And offering training opportunities to team members is great for building brand loyalty as you’ll be helping your staff develop expertise in new areas.

By signing up to Social Media Mentor, you’ll benefit from two hourly training and support sessions each month, either held at your premises or by video conference if this is more convenient. To further build your skills and knowledge, I’ll also give you full access to my online social media training programme, worth £777, so you can keep developing your mastery of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Black Friday offer: save £200 on my Social Media Mentor programme!

I have one place left on my next Social Media Mentor programme – and I’m offering it to one lucky business owner at a very special discount! To snag this last remaining place and save yourself £200, get in touch today to book on the course and find out more. It could be the best step you’ve ever taken towards social media success for your business!

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