I’m a trainer or coach – why do I need to ‘master’ social media?

That’s an interesting question, especially for people who actually train or coach social media to other people, or have done so in the past. But do you know what, there’s a BIG difference between teaching other people the theory and best practices, and doing it yourself for your own businesses. Let’s take a little case study as an example – we’ll call her Deborah.

Deborah had considerable experience of training people on LinkedIn in an employed Learning & Development role she undertook before starting her own business. She’d attended numerous training courses herself and felt she knew what she was doing on social media. However, despite posting regularly on LinkedIn, Deborah just wasn’t getting the traction and engagement she was looking for.

So, she decided to find a course that would equip her with the skills she needed to take her LinkedIn presence to the next level, build that all-important authenticity, trust and authority, engage effectively with her target audience – and, of course, get results. In a nutshell, Deborah wanted to discover the right structure, strategy and content ideas that would make her profile and posts really stand out from an increasingly busy crowd.

Deborah decided to enrol on my Social Media for Trainers (& Coaches) course and has now completed the 12 week programme. And the great news is: it’s worked! I had a message from her recently saying she’s already received two enquiries through LinkedIn, which she directly credits to what she learned on the course. Fantastic!

When I spoke to Deborah, she said the most helpful things she learned from Social Media for Trainers were the importance of putting a robust action plan in place (remember that saying: ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail?!) and understanding what ‘good’ content looks like. In addition, she learned how to build a network of the right people, i.e., not just any old contacts who wanted to connect, and engage with them in a way that gets results.

Deborah now feels more in control of her social media presence and, even though she’s had the odd lapse, can call on the bank of content ideas she collected throughout the 12 weeks so there’s always something high quality to post about. She’s also learned to collate evergreen content that can be refreshed and re-used to save time. In her own words, having a plan in place has given her the kick up the bum she needed to post and engage consistently!

Best of all, like all Social Media for Trainers & Coaches ‘graduates’, Deborah now has Forever Membership of the course, so she can rejoin future cohorts to keep her knowledge and skills razor sharp.

Another thing my Social Media for Trainers delegates have said they love is the way the course is structured. I understand that LinkedIn and the other social platforms can feel overwhelming if you’re inexperienced at using them, or have had limited success in the past. That’s why the learning is broken down into bite sized chunks to keep it manageable.

Once the foundations of strategy and planning are in place, we move on to other key principles of getting the most out of LinkedIn, including:

  • Building an audience who’ll like, share and engage with your posts
  • Understanding how algorithms work so you can stand out
  • Optimising and structuring your social media profiles
  • Creating content that attracts the right new connections
  • Hanging out on the right social media channels
  • Using powerful images in your social posts.

Over the 12 weeks, you’ll benefit from a whole host of practical hints and tips, hands-on advice and time-saving hacks to optimise your online productivity. There are also optional bonus sessions covering marketing, hosting lives and how to use your brand voice with impact. All the training is live and takes place online. And with a maximum cohort size of 20, you can be sure there’ll be lots of opportunities to ask questions and engage with your peers.

Now I’ve explained how it all works and the results you can expect from the course – which I’m happy to 100% guarantee – the burning question is: why WOULDN’T you want to do the programme if you’re a trainer or coach struggling with social media? After all, if you’re currently just dipping a toe in and out of LinkedIn with the odd post or article, it’s akin to going to a face to face networking meeting and standing in the corner facing the wall!

Join my July cohort for Social Media for Trainers & Coaches now and get a special Early Bird discount

My next 12 week programme kicks off on Monday 1st July 2024. Training will be delivered every Monday at 9:30am, with all sessions recorded in case you can’t make one. Book now and you’ll benefit from a special Early Bird price of just £650 (saving £545!) with a choice of ways to spread the cost. Not forgetting your Forever Membership, that really is amazing value!

Be quick though, as once the Early Bird places have sold out, the full price of £1,195 will apply.

Any questions? Visit the website or drop me a line

For full details of Social Media for Trainers & Coaches and the lowdown on what you can expect from the course, please visit www.socialmediafortrainers.co.uk. Or, if you have any questions, you’re welcome to email me at karen@socialmediafortrainers.co.uk. Bye for now!

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