Is your social media a show stopper or a soggy bottom?

Don’t worry, I haven’t morphed into Mary Berry just yet! But what a fantastic analogy for a social media presence that’s rising beautifully, versus one that’s sinking like a bad soufflé. Before you think I’ve gone completely Great British Bake Off mad, let me explain what I’m on about.

As I’ve said in previous blogs, I often meet trainers and coaches who are struggling to get results with their social media. This is why I developed my special Social Media for Trainers and Coaches programme which launched in January 2023 and has proved very popular so far. However, I know that not everyone’s ready to work with me yet, so I’ve come up with a new idea to quickly help trainers and coaches get to grips with their online presence.

It all came about as a result of working with the fabulous Teresa Heath-Wareing, a renowned business coach and keynote speaker (who I’ve wanted to work with for ages!), on her Beta programme, Women in Business. T, as she likes to be called, challenged me to come up with some new topics for talks about social media to give to prospective clients.

This is where the soggy bottom and show stopper analogies came into play, although I won’t be using those exact words in the titles of my talks! I would like to tell you about an upcoming Social Media Masterclass, though, which is completely FREE and 100% targeted at trainers and coaches only.

It’ll take place online at 12 noon on Monday 20th May and will take just one hour of your time (you can even join while you’re having lunch if you like!) The idea behind this interactive mini Masterclass is to explore why you’re not getting the results you want from social media at the moment, and give you lots of handy hints, tips and hacks to help you progress and start making a real impact online.

Of course, we can’t cover everything in an hour, but you’ll go away equipped with some of the key tools and knowledge you need to start transforming your social media presence straightaway. And because the Masterclass is designed just for trainers and coaches, you’ll get the chance to meet some likeminded people facing the same challenges you are, and share your own experiences and ideas.

If you can’t attend the session in person, you can still sign up and I’ll send you the recording afterwards. However, it’s worth noting that if you attend the live Masterclass, you’ll get special bonuses and incentives that won’t be offered to anyone else! I’ll reveal what these are on the day, but I can assure you they’ll provide genuine value to your business.

On top of this, everyone who attends in person will get a special offer to join the next cohort of Social Media for Trainers and Coaches, which is due to kick off on Monday 1st July 2024. So that’s two great reasons to keep your diary clear for the Masterclass and hop on the live session – I promise it will be worth your while!

Sign up to the Social Media Masterclass

If you’re fed up and frustrated with seeing other people in your sector getting business from their online activities, let’s get busy and turn your social media presence into a real show stopper! Sign up for my FREE Masterclass today and get rid of that soggy bottom for good. If you have any questions in the meantime, you’re welcome to drop me a line at

PS. As you may have seen in a recent email, my new Cureton Consulting website is set to go live in June! I’m super excited to share it with you all, so look out for my next blog where all will be revealed.

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