Keeping the personal touch in your business communications – Part 2

In part 1 of this article, we explored the potential pitfalls of relying on digital technologies to stay in touch with your clients, and how making a few simple phone calls could make a huge difference to your business. Next, we’ll look at a few ideas and techniques to help you reap the full benefits of your person to person communications.


‘Selling is the art of persuasive communication’

There’s no denying that email and direct mail are fantastic ways of introducing people to your company and its products or services. After all, your reader can peruse the facts at their leisure, and consider whether your offer is interesting or relevant to them. But what will they do next? You’ve no way of telling – unless you ask them.


So here’s what you should do next. Pick up the phone, check they’ve received your communication and then persuade them to buy from you! As mentioned in part 1, you may even get the chance to upsell an enhanced product or service, increasing the value of the sale whilst enabling you to meet the client’s needs. Put simply, your pre-marketing email or letter is just the start of your campaign, not the be all and end all.


Short on time? We can help!

We understand that making follow-up phone calls can be time-consuming and distract you from your day to day business operations. On top of this, not everyone likes or is comfortable with using the phone to sell to new or existing clients. That’s where Cureton Consulting can help.


We offer a telemarketing service that takes the strain away from you and your company. Our trained and experienced team can make up to 70 calls a day, making sure your clients have received your direct mail or email shot, answering their questions and generating leads on your behalf. Of course, we can’t guarantee a set number of leads, but what we can do is give your campaign the best chance of success.


Train your team for optimum results

If you’re happy to make follow-up calls in-house, why not maximise your chances of success by training your team in lead generation and telesales skills? Our 3 hour workshops are designed to change your approach to selling on the phone, ensuring a high quality client experience whilst delivering measurable outcomes for your business.


This training is especially valuable if you have a young team who’ve grown up surrounded by technology. They’ll be adept at communicating by email, text and instant chat, but could well be lacking in traditional phone skills. There’s also a risk that their approach could be a little too informal, which could alienate some of your clients.


Available as a morning or evening session, our sales training is fun, interactive and guaranteed to inspire and motivate your team to achieve the results you’re looking for. It’s a great addition to your CPD programme that could also make a big difference to your bottom line. Get in touch today to find out more!


And the last word is…

…To think carefully about the last word! That’s a bit cryptic so let us explain. We attended a workshop recently where we found out that the last word spoken when someone answers the phone is often the only one the caller registers. Think about it. How many times have you answered the phone with ‘…Fred Bloggs speaking,’ only to have the caller immediately ask your name!


The reason for this? The only word they’ve picked up is ‘speaking’. So try changing how you answer the phone, so your name is the last word the caller hears. This will help you make an instant rapport with your client as they’ll have registered your name and will be more likely to use it during the call. By adding a simple personal touch, you’re getting the relationship off to a great start.


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