Learnings from a Beta course

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I ran my first Social Media for Trainers course earlier in the year. Right now, I’m running a free five day mini course to give delegates a taster of the second full 12 week course, which kicks off in September. The initial 12 week course was effectively a Beta test to see how things went and spot areas where I can make improvements for next time.

One thing I maybe wasn’t expecting from the first Social Media for Trainers programme was how nerve-wracking it was! As a trainer myself, I found it quite daunting training other trainers and coaches who, like me, are all experienced players and know exactly how courses like this should and shouldn’t be delivered.

And the great news? I needn’t have worried too much! I had some amazing feedback from the Beta delegates, which was immensely gratifying. Last week, I even had the pleasure of recording a video testimonial with one of the attendees who was kind enough to give me some specific feedback about what she liked most about the course.

One of the main points she made was about the structure of the programme and how well-ordered and methodical it was. This made it easier to follow as the topics were presented in a logical order and in a way that she felt she could build on to keep developing her social media presence week by week.

She also appreciated the workbooks I put together, which were given out every fortnight to make sure delegates had enough time to complete the tasks before the next workbook came along. But what she probably loved most about Social Media for Trainers is the ‘forever membership.’ As we all know, social media never stands still and forever membership means you can dip in and out of any future programmes at your leisure to keep your skills and knowledge up to date.

The delegate in question was also kind enough to say that she’d recommend the course to any trainer or coach who’s serious about developing their business – and that it represents fantastic value for money. She also paid me the personal compliment of saying I over-deliver every time. Wow!

Before my head swells up too much, let’s turn to the improvement side of things. As noted, the first Social Media for Trainers was a Beta programme and I knew there would be a few areas that would need tweaking before I launch the second course in September. One of these was to take extra care to ensure I’m making the very best use of delegates’ time in each and every session (after all, they’re incredibly busy people!).

One of the changes I’m making for September is to only run the actual training sessions every other week, so there’ll be six in total next time. The alternate weeks will be devoted to Q&A and accountability sessions, giving people time to absorb what they’ve learned and come up with questions they’d like answering or areas they want to discuss in more depth.

It will also make the course a little less intense which, as all trainers know, will help prevent ‘brain overload’ and overwhelm – and, as such, I actually feel the programme presents even greater value under the new structure.

Of course, the same topics will still be covered during the six training sessions. Each module will cover everything you need to know about achieving social media success using ‘the big four’ platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop an effective social media strategy and conversion plan
  • Build an audience who will like, share and engage with your posts
  • Understand how algorithms work so you can stand out
  • Optimise and structure your social media profiles
  • Create content that attracts new connections
  • Hang out on the right social media channels
  • Use powerful images in your social posts.

As always, there’ll be lots of practical tips and time-saving hacks, as well as bonus sessions on marketing, how to host ‘lives’ and how to use your voice on social media with impact. Social Media for Trainers is limited to just 20 people, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and bounce ideas off your fellow delegates.

Interested? Sign up now for a special Early Bird price!

If you register for Social Media for Trainers by 14 July 2023, I can offer you a special Early Bird Price of just £695. Don’t forget that includes lifetime membership to the programme, not just access to the 12 week course starting in September! After 14 July, the full price will be £895, which I believe still represents great value for money.

Now, I know times are tight for everyone at the moment and we all have many other financial commitments (including a long-awaited summer holiday in my case!). So, if you’d like to spread the cost of Social Media for Trainers over 9 months, that’s absolutely fine – just contact me to discuss the finer details.

To find out more about Social Media for Trainers and sign up today, please visit www.socialmediafortrainers.co.uk. I can’t wait to get started with you all in September!

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