Make yourself Memorable

We have talked about giving 5 star service – but in order to deliver that service, you need to have customers to deliver it to; and that is where making yourself memorable comes in. You could be the very best at whatever you do, but if nobody knows about you, it is all to no avail. So how to be remembered when a new client has need of what you do?

Consistency and regularity are key; they go hand in hand, but many do not harness the power of both together. Consistency is in your approach to your promotions – make a plan as to the content that you are going to cover, and stick to it. Have a common voice throughout your website, offline communications, newsletters, blogs and social media posts. Keep your messages clear and homogenous, and they will have much more impact.

Regularity is more self-explanatory, but no less difficult to maintain. If you have a blog only every other month, that’s ok as long as it IS every other month. If you post on social media, it does not have to be every hour to have an impact, but it does have to be in a steady stream; whether that is a trickle or a waterfall is up to you. Find the balance that works for you, and keep it up – if you do, relevant people will start to remember you.

If you can see the logic in this, but struggle to find the time to maintain a regular and consistent approach to your marketing output, Cureton Consulting can help. Give us a call or drop us an email; we would be delighted to discuss the best way to make your business truly memorable.

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