Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit – a little bit more coaching!

Remember Gina G back in Eurovision 1996 (or am I just showing my age?!) She may have only finished 8th in the competition but she still got thousands of people across Europe singing along to her catchy anthem, ‘Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit’. So why am I bringing this up now, a whole quarter of a century later?

Don’t worry, I’m not about to reinvent myself as the UK’s next bid for Eurovision stardom (particularly as I really can’t sing!). It’s simply my way of telling you about a brand new service I’m really excited about where I, quite literally, give you ‘A Little Bit More’. Let me explain…

As many of you know, I’ve been offering Power Hours for quite a while now. And, whilst these have always been popular, a comment I keep hearing from clients time and again is that they’d like (you’ve guessed it) – a little bit more! In other words, many people felt the Power Hour was great, but they’d like the benefit of some follow-up support to help them stay focused and get the best possible results.

Now, before you start wondering if this is just the mad ramblings from KarenLand, here comes the sensible bit. As a member of a Business Mastermind Group, I mentioned the feedback I’d received, and we did some brainstorming around it. I came up with various ideas for new coaching packages that would give people more time with me, in different formats.

As always, I wanted to know what my clients think before going full steam ahead, so I did some online research across all my platforms. I asked people where they were struggling the most with their social media and how they prefer to learn. 70% of respondents said they’d rather have several, shorter coaching sessions than one long workshop.

On the back of this research (drum roll, please!), my Nurture It package was born.

Nurture social media coaching

Nurture is a one-to-one social media coaching package that’s completely focused on the needs of individual business owners and solopreneurs. The service starts with a questionnaire, where you tell me about the aspects of social media you need the most help with.

We then meet for an hour, with the session being recorded so you can revisit it at your leisure. During this time, you’ll receive 100% tailored support centred around the answers on your questionnaire and the specific social media challenges you want to overcome.

Up to this point, Nurture It is similar to a Power Hour. But the difference is that with Nurture It, you get two follow-up sessions lasting 45 minutes each, which take place two to three weeks apart. This means you get extra support as you start implementing your new social media plan, with the chance to talk through what’s going well and what needs a tweak or two.

The beaty of Nurture is that, whilst you have the reassurance of these additional sessions, you’re not being micromanaged and you’re fully empowered to take control of your own online presence. You simply have two bonus opportunities to take advantage of my expertise and experience. This will help put what you’ve learned into practice and fine-tune your social media activities for maximum success.

What’s more, Nurture It is fantastic value for money. You get 2.5 hours of my time for just £297. When compared with a standard Power Hour at £147, this means you get an extra 30 minutes of my time absolutely free! You also get a written follow-up after each meeting, where I’ll summarise the areas discussed and action points agreed.

Be a Nurture early adopter

I’ve already ‘soft launched’ Nurture and am pleased to say it’s going down a storm already! I’m now ready to roll it out and, to get things off to a great start, I’m offering two packages in June, July and August at a special price of £257.

That’s a total of 6 opportunities for focused company owners to invest in their learning and take positive action to move their businesses forward this summer.

Book a Nurture package today

With just 6 early adopter packages available, you’ll need to move fast. Contact me today to book your place – drop me a line at hello@curetonconsulting.co.uk or fill in the enquiry form on my website. I look forward to helping you nurture your social media presence soon!

Good luck to the United Kingdom entry by James Newman – I won’t be singing along on the night but will be watching with family!

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