Social Media Coach: Planning Ahead

The modern world of social media can seem a very informal, casual place. With a mere touch of a button we can nowadays post our holiday snaps online for our friends to admire – a far quicker and more streamlined process than in the past, when we would take our camera films to the chemists to develop, returning days later to pick up that precious pack of 24 pictures which would then be ceremonially shown round to visiting guests before being laboriously pasted into an album.


But just because social media is fast and effective, it doesn’t mean that an online business marketing strategy can be successfully realised without careful planning and preparation. And that can be a problem for business owners, because a lot of our day is spent reacting to the moment. In reality, as I have found from my own business practice and from talking to countless others, it’s very rare for a business leader to plan more than a week ahead.


But to reiterate, a social media strategy works best when it is carefully thought through. Knee-jerk reactions, ill-judged tweets hurriedly posted without reference to a clear ongoing strategy – those are the means by which an online marketing campaign are quickly undone. And while social media has the power massively to boost a company’s reach, by the same token when it is badly managed, the reputational damage can be far-reaching and irreparable.


So it’s worth investing time and thought into how best to market your virtual shopfront via platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As a social media coach, Cureton Consulting is sometimes called upon to give businesses a one-off boost – this may be either to help create that all-important clearly defined strategy, or for creative input, or whatever is needed. Other clients also ask us to run their social media accounts entirely. This leaves them safe in the knowledge that this very important part of any modern business is being effectively and thoughtfully managed. It also leaves our clients to do what they’re best at: running their business day-to-day.


After all, no-one is good at everything. So ask us about our social media management packages today! We promise, it will be a phone call well worth making.

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