Your Social Media Coach – How have you lived without us?

If you run a search on ‘Social Media Coach’ you will realise that in the UK, it is still a new concept – but a very strong one.  Our US counterparts seem to be a little ahead of us here, and are completely sold on the idea of a committed mentor to support you in implementing a programme of social media marketing, with a good old mix of relevance, timeliness, consistency and strong messaging, bringing about a massive transformation in your social media response.

We are with our American cousins – we have seen with our own eyes (and balance sheets) the difference that a really great presence on social media can make.  We are desperate to help you achieve the amazing gains that our successful converts have amassed; 150% increase in followers on Twitter in a month, 146% hike in Facebook likes in a week, and 5 new clients from Twitter in 6 months, to name but a few.


The coaching programme is based on the SEBM framework:

  1. Strategy
  2. Engaging content
  3. Building following
  4. Conversion into revenue


It covers everything you need to ensure you can get started, build up momentum, and achieve, and maintain, notable success across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – a powerful trio of marketing partners that you really can’t afford to dismiss.

We provide a tailored plan that not only helps you get started, but makes sure that you stay on track and on target, genuinely pulling in relevant and profitable leads that will repay your investment many times over.  The idea of a Social Media Coach may be relatively new, but the ideas, reasoning and strategy behind our programme is well practised – give us a try!

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