Why content is king on Social Media

When you talk to your customers, what messages are you giving them about your business? Are you telling them what they want to hear, or simply saying what you want to say? Take the reasons to choose your business, for example. It’s all too easy to go off at a ‘me, me, me’ tangent, waxing lyrical about how long your business has been established, or how great your team are. The result? Your customers can’t see what’s in it for them – and they walk.

There’s a real art-form to successfully engaging customers and prospects on social media. Not least because each of the major platforms – Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter – work so differently in terms of the type and content of information that you can post. It stands to reason that you’d approach writing a Tweet differently to how you’d write a Linkedin article, but your social media content strategy needs to go a lot deeper.

It’s important to consider a range of factors, including:

  • Who you’re talking to on each social media platform
  • How you should be talking to them (tone of voice)
  • When you should be talking to them (9am on a Monday? The weekend?)
  • What kind of content will appeal to each audience so they engage with your brand
  • What will interest them further, so they want to buy from you
  • How often you should talk to them to maintain, but not overload, the relationship.


The golden rule is to ‘think like the customer’ – or think TLC! Put yourself in their shoes and identify what’s interesting and relevant to them. Consider what they want from your business – is it to save time or money, feel more confident or look more stylish? Then, craft your content so it grabs their attention in the first place, then explains how you can give them what they want.


Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry, we can help! Our Social Media Mastery programme will give you the skills you need to create the right type of content and maximise your online presence. You’ll learn how to find your target customers and talk to them in the right ways on different platforms, so you generate more leads and sales. It’s all about getting the best possible ROI from your social media activities. Get in touch to find out more and sign up today.

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