Social media training…for trainers!

Yes, you read that right – I have an exciting announcement to make about a brand-new service I’m launching very soon. And (as always with me), there’s no fuss and no fluff: the clue’s in the title of this blog! But why, I hear you ask, would I want to start offering a social media training service that’s just for trainers? Read on and all will be revealed.

A new idea is born

To set the scene a little, I’m a member of a training community called Trainer Talk. We meet up several times a year for events featuring speakers, mastermind sessions and so on. Recently, it dawned on me that, as well as the people I know through Trainer Talk, quite a few of my clients are in the training game, too. This epiphany of sorts got me thinking.

My question, which I put to my colleagues at the last Trainer Talk meeting, was this: Is there scope for a niche social media training offering that caters just for trainers, mentors, coaches and people working in similar roles? The answer was a resounding ‘Yes!’

A quick search on the Internet revealed that the URL was available – and I bought it on the spot. (As an aside, that’s one of the things I love most about running my own business; if I have an idea, I can just get on and run with it!)

Social Media for Trainers explained

So, what is Social Media for Trainers and how is it different to my ‘normal’ training services? Well, as a seasoned trainer myself with over a decade of experience, it’s certainly a sector I know plenty about. Over the years, I’ve learned two particularly interesting things.

Firstly, that people in the training industry tend to have similar learning styles, namely a preference for the practical. And secondly, they often face the same kinds of problems and challenges when it comes to social media, such as converting online ‘friends’ and contacts (especially LinkedIn connections) into clients.

Armed with these insights, I started creating a bespoke programme that’s geared entirely towards the needs and preferences of trainers. Whilst the finer details are still evolving, I can tell you now that Social Media for Trainers will consist of a three to four month course of fortnightly sessions, hosted online and all delivered live.

And the best thing? You only need to join the programme once to enjoy access forever! I’m planning on running the course twice a year, so you can drop in to take advantage of the latest insights and updates in the world of social media – all for the price of a one-off membership fee.

What to expect from the programme

As noted above, I’m still in the Beta stage of developing the content for Social Media for Trainers. However, there are some core topics you can expect us to be covering in our fortnightly meetings:

  1. Social media planning. Creating a strategy that suits your business and helps you achieve your goals.
  2. Profile optimisation. How to structure and word your profiles so they grab the attention both of real people and the search engines.
  3. Content creation. How to create written and non-written content, including videos, email marketing and more that engages and interests your audience.
  4. Audience building. Understanding how to attract more of the right people to connect with you online and like, share and engage with your content.
  5. Conversion. How to turn prospects and connections into paying customers and, ultimately, see a genuine return on investment from social media.
  6. Bonus session on hosting lives and using your voice as a trainer for added impact
  7. Bonus session on marketing

Each session will focus on practical hands-on advice and tips that you can put to work in your business straightaway, so you can start reaping the right results from your online activities as soon as possible. And, because I know how busy most trainers tend to be, I’ll help you manage your time effectively with lots of time-saving hacks and hints.

When will Social Media for Trainers launch?

I’m planning to start the first programme in February 2023, so watch this space for Early Bird booking details (pricing is still to be confirmed at this stage.) In the meantime, I’m planning a soft launch in December 2022, with the new website going live and teaser posts going out on my social media pages.

If you’d like more information in the meantime – or if you’re a trainer with a burning social media issue you’d like to see covered in the course – please drop me a line at

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