Telemarketing hints & tips – Master the telephone!

If calling your prospect database is on your ‘to do’ list for 2016, have you got anywhere with it? Picking up the telephone is easily avoided; many would rather do the filing, make drinks, or even do the cleaning before making a sales call. Do you fall into this category?

Let us help you get back on track with a few suggestions:

Prepare!! Make sure that your data is clean and up to date, and that you have a relevant sales pitch that makes it obvious that you are worth listening to.

Don’t be scared to pick up the telephone – in a business setting, managers expect to be sold to, and if you are calling consumers directly, plan your campaign carefully so that you minimise disruption.

Make sure you have the time to deal with busy tones, unavailable numbers and redirects, and don’t expect success in your first call – you may have to make quite a few calls before you get exactly what you want, but you will get there.

Human interaction is still extremely important, particularly when people are making decisions on larger purchases; the telephone really can be your friend!

If you are lacking in the time or inclination to make the most of your prospects, let us step in and maximise your potential. Cureton Consulting have significant experience in making successful lead generation, appointment setting, survey and direct sales calls so that you can gleefully tick off one of your jobs without even picking up the telephone – drop us an email, and we will call you!

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