The big, not so bad, world of exhibitions…

There are countless exhibitions and conferences out there, providing you and your company with the opportunity to really push your brand or product. Face to face contact with your potential and actual clients is invaluable, and there aren’t many ways of accessing more relevant customers than a well targeted exhibition. But large, national and international exhibitions can be very expensive – are you getting the most out of your investment?

The major element is, of course, your staff. It is vital that they are fully prepared to make sure that they make the most of every conversation and encounter. It can reap massive benefits to fully brief your sales and promotions team, ensuring that your time at the exhibition is optimally spent.

The key elements are:

  • Be prepared – plan well ahead of the day, and talk your team through the best ways to sell your product, and the message that you want to get across.
  • Be consistent – brief all staff with the key points to promote, and make sure that your display and literature reflect the same information.
  • Be original – think about your stand as a whole, and make sure that you have something interactive, live, or interesting going on.
  • Be involved – Encourage your staff to be friendly, engaging and dynamic, ask open questions, and build rapport.
  • Be open to all opportunities – check out the other exhibitors for client potential, focus your staff on looking for business in every situation, and have a convenient way for all to capture data.


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