What type of training works for you?

It’s a fact that different people learn in different ways. Put simply, most people prefer to learn in either a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic (‘touchy feely’) style. However, whilst there is often a preference, many people like to learn using a blend of these three styles. Of course, there are no rights and wrongs here! It’s all about identifying the type of learning that best suits you – or your clients if you’re a trainer, or plan to become one.

Now, what many people don’t know is that I’m actually a fully trained trainer myself. Back in my corporate days, the company I worked for invested in me so I could help develop the various teams within the business. And I absolutely loved it, which is why so much of my work revolves around training today. Naturally, finding out about different learning styles played a key part in my ‘trainer training’. But with the advent of Covid-19 and lockdown, all bets were suddenly off: it was online or bust.

Having said that, it doesn’t stand to reason that all online training has to be delivered in the same way. In fact, I recently went to a workshop run by Neil Shorney (AKA ‘The Sales Accelerator’) which reinforced what I already knew: if you want to train successfully, you have to keep up with audience trends and preferences, to avoid being left behind.

Take my new ‘Social Media with Confidence’ course as a case in point. Yes, it will be run online out of necessity, but it’s not your average online training course where you’re left to get on with it. Instead, I’ll be starting with a live Zoom session to kick things off, before drip-feeding in daily 10 minute tasks for delegates to do.

By taking their learning one step at a time in bitesize chunks, I’m confident they’ll retain their motivation and complete the course. To provide further support, they’ll also have access to a private Facebook Group where they can share experiences and bounce ideas off their fellow delegates. In other words, I’m offering a ‘pick and mix’ of learning styles and experiences so everyone on the course can decide how they want to progress.

And do you know what? I’m absolutely delighted to confirm that Social Media with Confidence completely sold out a few weeks before it was even due to start. (Don’t worry if you wanted to book on, by the way, as I’ll be running it again in November – back due to popular demand!)

But why has this approach proved so successful? And why, when I was marketing it, did I know that it was going to work? The answer’s simple: I asked my clients. I’m lucky enough to have a solid base of long term, trusted clients who I know will give me honest feedback and provide useful answers to my questions. So, I asked them how, if they were to sign up for Social Media with Confidence, they’d like to learn. And they told me!

The moral of the story here is twofold. Firstly, if you’re looking to undergo some training yourself, take some time to work how you prefer to learn. There are lots of questionnaires you can have a go at if you’re not sure, like this one from Businessballs.com which will tell you if your main preferred learning style is visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, or a mixture of two or three types.

Secondly, if you’re in the training game or looking to get into it, my biggest piece of advice (à la Chris Tarrant) is simply: Ask the Audience. Find out how your audience wants to learn as well as what they want to learn, and you’re onto a winner.

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