Why do I need a Social Media Mentor?

Here at Cureton Consulting, we find that lots of our clients prefer to manage their social media in-house, but simply aren’t getting the results they’re looking for. If this sounds familiar, we have some great news for you – our brand new Social Media Mentor programme offers the perfect solution!

Like all types of marketing, both online and offline, social media management is a skill. Being confident with using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn et al is just the start. Getting it right (and getting those all-important results) is a bit like baking a cake: you need to have all the ingredients in place, and use them correctly and in the right order, for the recipe to work.

Our Social Media Mentor service will help you do just that! It’s a six month coaching programme that will see us working together to create a successful social media strategy for you or your marketing team to implement. As well as one-to-one support (online or face to face), you’ll also have exclusive access to our online learning platform. This will help you or your team further develop your skills and keep improving your social media performance.


What’s involved in the programme?

Every business is unique, so we’ll start by identifying the individual challenges you’re currently facing with social media. We’ll also look at the types of audience you want to attract and the best ways to get their attention and engage with them online.

You’ll learn all about the importance of great content, and how to create interesting, relevant posts that promote awareness of and interaction with your brand, and drive traffic to your website. As well as written content, we’ll explore the best ways to use imagery, video and other tools such as podcasts to reel in your ideal customers.

As we work together, a robust social media plan will naturally evolve as the right strategic direction for your business becomes clear. And when it comes to implementing the plan, you won’t be on your own. You’ll receive ongoing monthly support to make sure you achieve the tangible results you want from your social media activities. It won’t happen overnight, but in time you should start seeing more prospects turning into paying customers.

The great thing about keeping your social media in-house is accountability. When you or your team are accountable for your online presence and its success, you’re likely to get much better results. Our Social Media Mentor programme will show you how to evaluate your performance, test and measure your results, and identify any further training needs.


How will my business benefit?

Our Social Media Mentor programme will help you:

  • Gain the skills and knowledge you need to create and implement an effective social media strategy
  • Upskill and incentivise your team if you delegate your social media
  • Take accountability for your online presence, which drives greater results
  • Raise awareness of your brand and social media pages
  • Identify and target your ideal customers
  • Create high quality content that resonates with and engages your audience
  • Start and maintain meaningful conversations with prospects
  • Drive quality traffic to your website and generate more enquiries
  • Increase revenue by converting prospects into paying customers.


Find out more

Please get in touch if you’d like more information about our Social Media Mentor programme and how it could benefit your business. You can call us on 01530 440 597, email hello@curetonconsulting.co.uk or fill in our quick online enquiry form. We look forward to discussing your unique social media challenges and how we can help you overcome them!

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